We are an Iraqi company specialized in implementing projects and contracts of all kinds, and preparing materials and equipment. The company’s potential and capabilities were born from its specialized cadres
It is highly qualified in project implementation, designs, plant development and maintenance.
The company’s ability was also generated in following the latest methods of project management to ensure the implementation of projects within the required time, high quality and within the allocated financial budget.
The company applies in the implementation of projects all the international standards and specifications
Iraqi project implementation.


NSC is a Medium size Iraqi Construction and Civil Engineering company based in Baghdad and Anbar Province, Haditha and Al-Baghdady Districts, however our services extend beyond the mentioned provinces to include the rest of Iraq and overseas, established in 2004 by a group of Iraqi engineers, formers GOI DGs, former US DOS and International Relations experts and management experts for a sole reason and mission to rebuild new Iraq and develop its infrastructure following years of neglect, backdated knowledge and malfunction of resources due to wars and corruption.

NSC is a woman led company along with the founders modestly started the company targeting the local market, with an eye on establishing a fruitful and viable working relationship with USG entities operating in Iraq provinces since 2003, as such for the past 14 years, the unremitting dedication and hard work of its distinguished professional team coupled with the will power and determination of its founders, prevailed.

NSC possesses the aptitude to construct several specialized projects in Baghdad, Babil, and Anbar province and pride its credentials and reputation to Adhere to international practices in Environmental, Safety, QC and Quality Management as well as project management standards, such attribution granted NSC the Persona at the local level, US Embassy and US Army recognition.

NSC has implemented a wide range of different projects in the field of Infrastructure and Construction of Roads and Buildings, Helipads Construction, Design & Architecture, Water Networks, Sewage and Rainwater Drainage, 32 MV secondary power stations, US Army Small Purchas Orders, Warehouse and Caravans Construction, Electro Mechanics projects, Earth Works / Excavation, Concrete Works & Sports Arenas, Decoration and Furnishing work.

With a current workforce in excess of 100 employees, and an average annual turnover in the range of $5 million, NSC is clearly the leading local Iraqi construction company in West Anbar. The company’s key personnel and technicians are rigorously selected from the highest caliber with considerable experience, expertise, qualifications, training and skills.

NSC enjoy excellent PR with Local, Provincial Government of Anbar, Provincial Directorates, MOD, Police and Tribal Leaders, as well as a wide range of construction resources, including heavy earthwork machinery, asphalt machinery, tower cranes, air compressors, power generating sets, and the huge stock of state-of-the-art form-works and scaffolding systems, as well as mobile cranes, water tankers and trucks, and mobile site offices & residence caravans, have attracted numerous Local and National companies to embark on joint ventures and partnerships with NSC.

NSC strive on their strategic objectives and achievements by partnering with various USG Military entities since 2004, managing various Construction , Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical , infrastructure projects as well as renovation and rehabilitations of many facilities that belong to US Army.
Company’s clients include US Army Corps of Engineers, US Embassy, US Air Force, NATO, Multi National Forces/ Department of Public Works, USAID, DOD, DOS, and various Iraqi Ministries.


Company structure :

1- The advanced staff

A- Mrs. Lama Al-Fakhry – Stock Owner and Managing Director – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
B- Mr. Ali Al-Hayani Al-Hadithi – Associate Commissioner and Director of Projects – Master of Electrical Engineering.
C- Mr. Jaafar Sherif Nehme – the company’s advisor and director of public relations – Master of Electrical Engineering.
D- Mr. Marwan Al-Hayani – Project Site Manager – Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

2- Sections of the company
A- Projects section
B- Department of Designs
C- Human Resources and Accounts Department
D- Department of Quality Control

Establishment Date: 07/01/2004
Establishment Place: Iraq
Registration certificate number: MM / 19292

NSC Hierarchy

Mrs. Luma Al-Fakhri is NSC Company’s Owner and Director, holds B.Sc. as a qualified Mechanical Engineer, graduated from the University of Baghdad in 1992, then she joined the Iraqi Ministry of Industry (1993-2004) as a designer for piping systems where she was in charge of the Design Department responsible for supplying designs for Oil refineries, Petrochemical factories, Water Treatment units for commercial and industry.
Mrs. Luma embarked on a new career as a building contractor managing her own company since 2004 to the present time and she as a construction company manager played a great role establishing excellent working relationship with various US Army units across Iraq to serve her community as a company owner and as an activist championing and promoting women rights and capacity in a male dominated society through construction projects and other development sectors.

Ali Albohayat is NSC Deputy Director and Executive Director as a qualified Electrical & Electronic Engineer, holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Baghdad and a senior member of the Iraqi Engineering Union which was established in 1959 and considered as one of the most robust unions in the MIDEAST.

Mr. Ali embarked his Engineering Career as a Graduate Trainee (1989-1990) at BECHTEL, on Instrumentation and Control Systems design for the Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources and other Iraqi Public Sectors Institutions.
Mr.Ali then designated the post of Instrumentation and control system site engineer1991-2004 at the Ministry of Industry, Department of Projects Design at Small Oil Refineries, Xylyne Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Gas Power Stations, Waste Water Unites, Compact Water Treatment Units, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, and Batch Plants.


Mr Marwan Al-Hayani,NSC company’s sites Manager is a qualified Civil & Structural Engineer with B.Sc. from the University of Baghdad and a member of the Iraqi Engineering and Contractors Unions.
Mr. Marwan is a field engineer through and through and he thrives on success and customer satisfactions from the early days of NSC engagement with various US Army Units.
Marwan is an all rounder when it comes to management oversight from the early stages of designing phase, planning phase, executing phase , to the Nitty- Gritty details of scrutinising brick laying and metal forming estimations and BOQs sorting , all the way to engaging with foremen and technicians to get a good job done properly to the specifications of our clients as site manager for most NSC projects which include: US Embassy Power Sub-Station, Victory Parade Square Power Sub-Station in the IZ, Road Pavement of the Australian Embassy, Baghdad IZ, Renovation of US Embassy Lake and Installation and Operation of Giant Lake Pumps and the Prefabrication of Schools with UNSCO.

Mr .Marwan has been engaged with NSC since 2004 and still fully energised to utilize his engineering skills further for a much complicated projects that benefit Iraq and the US Military at Ain Al-Assad Base.



Jafar Shereaf Nema, Mr. Jafar Nema hold an M.Sc. in Education and Engineering from the UK, is an International Development Practitioner with 15 years experience, a founder member resides the position of PR and International Cooperation Manager at NSC. Jafar Recently retired from USAID Senior Foreign Service. Over 20 years as a project manager and leader including 15 years with USAID as a career officer, with experience leading teams and managing multi million dollars programs in Iraq and the Middle East. Prior to USG service, dedicated over 5 years with Non-Governmental Organizations, community-based organizations, host governments, public international organizations.
Mr. Jafar areas of focus include PR, International Coordination, Tribal Coordination, Political and Policy analysis, Conflict analysis, Dialogue Processes, Reconciliation and Post-Conflict Stabilization, and ethnic and religious minorities He has experience managing Rule of Law, Elections, possessing excellent skills and competency to bolster the National interests for the USG and the Iraqi government.

Western Mined individual and Politically oriented expert with excellent negotiation and interlocutors skills, persuasive power, trouble shooting knowledge and expertise on Iraqi Politics, cultures, and a very matured outlook are some of the attributes Jafar pride himself of having, needed eventually to equip him to formulate strategies and implement solutions.

Mr. Jafar is an Asset, an adviser and consultant when it comes to facilitating and establishing and sustaining Iraq/US relationship that we at NSC proud as having which would defiantly make NSC as distinguishable to International Organizations and US Military when compared with other construction companies

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