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The company has the ability to implement all types of projects as follows:

A- Civil works such as: buildings of all types and sizes, steel frame buildings of all kinds, sheds and canopies, bridges and arches. The work includes providing all necessary materials and machinery.

B – Electrical works such as: power transmission stations of all capacities, electric power transmission lines, electrical transformers, lighting systems, generators of all kinds with their accessories. The work includes providing the necessary materials and mechanisms.

C- Mechanical works such as: steel tanks, iron and plastic pipes and their accessories, industrial units and laboratories, pumps and air compressors. The work includes preparing all the necessary materials and mechanisms.

D- Paving works such as: paving streets with asphalt, paving with concrete, paving sidewalks and walkways, furnishing roads. The work includes providing the necessary materials and mechanisms.

H- Actions of surveillance and protection systems such as: surveillance cameras, penetration sensors, laser systems. The work includes all the necessary materials and numbers.

G – Works of self-control systems such as: temperature, pressure and flow sensors, control cables, control valves, electronic control devices PLCs, as well as laboratory devices.

T- Works of drinking water and waste treatment units.

G- Fire fighting systems works.

Q- Caravans manufacturing of all kinds

S – logistics.



Maintenance and repair:

It is within the ability of the company to carry out periodic maintenance, emergency maintenance, and repair of faults in existing projects, according to the equipment manufacturers guide. As well as maintenance of buildings and roads.

Material processing:

The company has the ability to supply all kinds of materials for the implementation of projects, such as electrical materials, materials involved in the implementation of civil works, roads and bridges, mechanical materials, tools, machines and furniture.
As the company has prestigious business relationships with sources of materials, whether international or local.

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